Information 1966

Frampton on Information: "Hypothetical 'first film' for a synthetic tradition constructed from scratch on reasonable principles, given: 1) camera; 2) rawstock; 3) a single bare lightbulb. I admit to having made a number of splices."

Information Superhighway 2018

Stark and strikingly photographed speculative fiction that documents the first accident involving a driverless car with a peculiar poetic air and patient but absorbing rhythms.

Private Information 1952

A woman suspects that the local council is corrupt and building defective drains that could cause public health issues.

Inside Information 1957

Scotland Yard is called in when the effigy used in a Guy Fawkes Day celebration turns out to be the burned corpse of a real man.

Information 1973

Information is an exercise in technological reflexivity, an early investigation of the material presence of the electronic medium. From a technical mistake, in which a videotape recorder tried to record itself, Viola constructed a study of electronic anarchy — a disintegrating and self-interrupting signal that perpetually reiterates itself. He writes: "Information is the manifestation of an aberrant electronic nonsignal passing through the video switcher in a normal color TV studio, and being retrieved at various points along its path. The resulting electronic perturbations affected everything else in the studio. After this error was discovered and traced back, it became possible to sit at the switcher as if it were a musical instrument and learn to 'play' this nonsignal."

The Information Machine 1957

Charles and Ray produced this film for IBM’s pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. The Information Machine was the first completely animated project produced by the Eames Office. Intended as an introduction to the electronic computer, the film depicts the computer as the culmination of the tools and systems we have created over the centuries to process information. It also explores how humans solved problems both before and after this technology was invented. The Information Machine is ultimately the story of our continual need to process and communicate larger and more complex amounts of data, and how we learn to manipulate abstractions with increasing sophistication and skill.

Inside Information 1934

Lloyd Wilson, trusted employee of an investment firm, is suspected of theft when $20,000 in security bonds is stolen from his office. Tarzan, the Famous Police Dog, has an intuitive dislike of an apparently respectable citizen, and this leads Wilson and the police to the gang headquarters. Tarzan wins a public citation for his leading part in breaking the case against a desperate gang of criminals.

Information Skies 2016

A poetic psychodrama about vr combining live action and animation. The film is a sequel to Metahaven’s film project “The Sprawl (Propaganda About Propaganda).” Released online at, it's overlaid with subtitles in different languages, and with interfacial ruins that are distinct for the online environment.

Beck - The Information 2006

Bonus DVD of specially filmed music videos, for each track on the record The Information. 1. "Elevator Music" 2. "Think I'm in Love" 3. "Cellphone's Dead" 4. "Strange Apparition" 5. "Soldier Jane" 6. "Nausea" 7. "New Round" 8. "Dark Star" 9. "We Dance Alone" 10. "No Complaints" 11. "1000 BPM" 12. "Motorcade" 13. "The Information" 14. "Movie Theme" 15. "The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton" 16. "Inside Out" 17. "This Girl That I Know" 18. "Cellphone's Dead" 19. "Nausea"

Information Received 1961

Drama of an underworld double-cross as a man and woman set a death trap from which only one could possibly escape.

Long Distance Information 1979

Play For Today written by and starring Neville Smith. Christian Harvey , a local radio DJ and ageing rocker, is an obsessive fan of Elvis and the news of Elvis's death is for him a personal tragedy as well as the end of an era.

It Is Useless to Resist Us: 25 Years of Information Society 2009

This DVD celebrates the 25th anniversary of this hugely influential and popular electronic pop act by giving fans a full live concert, their music videos (never before released on DVD), bonus archival footage and photos, and a brand new EP, all on one disc. The live concert took place in Philadelphia in 2008 and featured James, Paul and Kurt in fantastic form. A German film crew shot the entire show from multiple angles and captured the fantastic energy of both the band and the audience. The track listing for the concert is:1. Peace and Love, Inc .2. Wrongful Death 3. The Seeds of Pain 4. Walking Away 5. Baby Just Wants 6. Burning Bridges 7. Think 8. Jonestown 9. Growing Up With Shiva 10. I Like The Way You Werk It 11. Run Away 12. Back in the Day (Old School Electro Version) 13. Running 14. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? 15. What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

Andy Sandford: Shameful Information 2018

Andy Sandford is one of New York's most sought after comedians. In his first hour special, he tackles important issues such as burrito privacy, farting on airplanes and how a mixup at McDonalds can lead to the greatest day of your life.

Our Currency Is Information 2014

Our currency is Information is the first episode of the documentary film series Exposing the Invisible by Tactical Tech. In this episode you will learn about methods for investigating corruption and organised crime. You will meet Paul Radu from the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, one of the most inspiring investigative reporters from Romania. After watching the film, find out more about methods used by his team and learn more about collaborative reporting. Have a look at the extensive interview with Paul, divided into ten thematic chapters. And to find out about the tools and tactics used by investigative reporters go straight to our Resource page.

Information Please: Series 1, No. 10 1940

Deems Taylor joins Clifton Fadiman and the Information Please regular panel members, Oscar Levant, Franklin P. Adams and John Kieran, for this entry in the series based on the radio program.

Information Please

Information Please was an American radio quiz show, created by Dan Golenpaul, which aired on NBC from May 17, 1938 to April 22, 1951. The title was the contemporary phrase used to request from telephone operators what was then called "information" but is now called "directory assistance". The series was moderated by Clifton Fadiman. A panel of experts would attempt to answer questions submitted by listeners. For the first few shows, a listener was paid two dollars for a question that was used, and five dollars more if the experts could not answer it correctly. When the show got its first sponsor, the total amounts were increased to five and ten dollars respectively. A complete Encyclopædia Britannica was later added to the prize for questions that stumped the panel. The amounts went up to ten and twenty-five dollars when Lucky Strike took over sponsorship of the program.

Service Information

Service Information was a regular programme in the early days of colour television in the United Kingdom that gave out engineering information for the Radio & Television trade. These announcements were made by the BBC continuity announcers of the time and were read over in-vision captions. The programme was broadcast on BBC2 three times a day, 10.00am, 11.30am, and 2.30pm each weekday from 23 October 1967 to 1975, then once a day at 10.30am from 1975 until the final broadcast what was on 23 December 1982. The UK Commercial Network ITV had a similar programme titled Engineering Announcements.

Operation Information

Operation Information was a DuMont Television Network public affairs TV show giving veterans information on their rights and benefits. The show aired Thursdays from July 17, 1952 to September 18, 1952. DuMont had previously aired a similar series for veterans Operation Success.

Jeopardy! broadcast information

Jeopardy! is an American television quiz show created by Merv Griffin, in which contestants are presented with trivia clues in the form of answers and must phrase their responses in the form of a question. The show has experienced a long life in several incarnations over the course of nearly a half-century, spending more than 11 years as a daytime network program and having currently run in syndication for 29 seasons. It has also gained a worldwide following with a multitude of international adaptations.

Charley Says... The Best Public Information Films In The World

A priceless record of British society in the 1960s and 70s, Charley Says is two-and-a-half hours of public information films produced by London's Central Office of Information between 1959 and 1983. Topics, though numerous, are dominated by an obsession with safely crossing the road. Mid-1970s celebs such as Shaw Taylor and Jimmy Saville try to coerce us into wearing then-optional seat belts or propound the still-incomprehensible "Splink" theory of road awareness. Dave Prowse looks uneasy as the Green Cross Code superhero months before he found immortality as Darth Vader and Edward Judd briefly achieves cult status with "ThinkBike". Animation is also well represented, with the engaging psycho-babble of Charley the cat and the witty repartee of Jo and Petunia to guide us through the dangers of everyday living, while Tufty and Mrs Fluffytale look concerned as Willie the Weasel gets hit by every car in town. "Lonely Water", however, is a real spine-chiller, and the TV licence-detector man assumes a menace worthy of Quatermass. By the early 1980s, recourse to passing fads such as Space Invaders and break-dancing confirm that the era of paternalistic TV was almost over.

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